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Hi everybody,

last Tuesday evening on the 30th of January I drove all excited to Nieuwekerk aan den IJssel (NL) for the evening demonstration and meet and greet with the great Japanese Bonsai Master Kunio Kobayashi. My dear friend Teunis Jan Klein (the owner and the proprietor of Deshima Bonsai Studio) had managed to get this superstar of Japanese Bonsai to do an evening meet and greet and a spectacular evening demo on Tuesday. And on Wednesday and Thursday, a daytime workshop for 8 people under the guidance of the Master followed by an evening traditional Japanese Kaiseki dinner with the master and his charming wife in the top Japanese restaurant Yama Cuisine in beautiful Rotterdam (NL). Teunis Jan has managed to organize something truly special and unique in the Bonsai world! I was regretfully only able to attend the evening demo…but boy o boy what a top evening it turned out to be! And what an amazing specimen demo tree did Teunis reserved for master Kobayashi his demo! It was a large field-grown Pinus thunbergii that he bought over a decade ago when he was in China for his work as a purchaser for a large Bonsai importer. Over those years he skillfully managed to get tons of new foliage all over the branches so there was plenty to work with for this demo! The tree has amazing bark and beautiful movement and was well fit for even a master like Mister Kobayashi is! After Teunis gave the audience some explanation how he went about to organize this 3 days event he introduced  Satoko Takagi the translator who would translate every word mister Kobayashi would share with us into Dutch. And then he introduced the two skilful assistance that would help the master that evening, the first one Hugo Zamoraluna from Mexico came along with Mister Kobayashi from Japan and the second one Ralph Oduber a student of Teunis Jan that has studied at Mister Kobayashi his school Shunka En in the past. While Teunis Jan was doing this Mister Kobayashi was already very busy at work lifting the heavy tree in all kinds of different angles like it weighed nothing and if he is not almost 70 years old and not just of the plain from a long flight from Japan…amazing!!! It was funny to see that Teunis had to call him to order to stop for a minute so that he could introduce him properly to us all! He received a hearty applause from the Bonsai enthusiasts and then he was off again to what he does the best and while he was answering all kinds of questions and explaining what he was doing, he and his helpers tilted the tree in the desired position and secured it with wire to the turntable and then started to cut off all unnecessary foliage and branches.

Below: Because I was at the same time shooting a video I started to make photo’s when they were already a few minuted selecting the necessary branches and cutting off the unnecessary foliage and branches. And that was all don in an enormously fast tempo! If you just look at all the foliage on the floor at this point then you can clearly see just how far they already were when I shoot this first picture!

Below: and more and more was cut off leaving only the necessary foliage.

Below: 70 years old?! I wish that I could sit on my knees like that and I am only 57 ?! 😉

Below: the assistance started to pluck needles and wiring while the master was cutting off even more foliage!

Below: wiring the branches and foliage. On the right, you can see a picture of how the tree looked just after Teunis Jan had bought it in China all those years ago.

Below: look how he amazingly is working with tree cutters in his right hand?! And still managed to wire small branches??? But he has hat a lot of practice doing Bonsai for 15 hours a day over the last 45 years! 🙂

Below: with every wire that is applied and branches that are positioned more and more beauty is revealed…like magic!!! 

Below: the growth could not control their selfs any longer when the whole top section was bent forward with the help of a special Bonsai tool! It was bent until some cracks appeared and then secured in place with some heavy copper wire.

Below: and below the amazing end result after some 3 hours of work. What an amazingly quick transformation into a very promising Bonsai! What a talented and skilful visionary is this very sympathetic, humorous and modest master! It was so inspiring to watch his every move from so close by! Thanks for a very memorable evening mister Kobayashi and Teunis Jan Klein and all the volunteers that helped that night in DESHIMA BONSAI STUDIO for making this all possible for us all!  

The 2o minutes’ video of this whole stunning transformation is in the making and will be posted on my own youtube KARAMOTTO Bonsai channel in a few days time so watch this space!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this for me special post of a unique Bonsai experience?!


Hans van Meer.



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Hi everybody,

yesterday I proudly brought in my Ilex verticillata urban Yamadori Kabudachi (five trunks) for the international Bonsai show Noelanders XIX  that is staged on 3-4 February in Genk Belgium. I had loaded my Bonsai, wooden slab and accent plant early in the morning and secured everything really good to prevent small incidents that could have big consequences for my Bonsai! And left around 12 for the 2.5-hour boring drive to the enormous Limburg hall in Genk Belgium where the show is staged. I luckily and surprisingly had no traffic jams around Antwerpen and arrived around 3 and went straight in to get a trolly for my stuff and to enter my Bonsai officially and get and sign all the paperwork that goes along with such a big show! I was number 5 or 6 inline to get my Bonsai photographed for the commemorative Noelanders Trophy book by old Bonsai friend Willy Evenepoel so in the meanwhile I could admire all the wonderful Bonsai from all around Europe that were standing all around me on trolleys waiting just like me to be photographed. Luckily there was coffee to warm our selfs up because it was really cold and draughty in this enormous hall where the big doors were constantly opened so that Bonsai merchants and artist alike could bring in there merchandise and Bonsai!

Below: here my Bonsai is waiting to be photographed.

After more than 1,5 hour waiting and a lot of coffee, it was finally my turn to have my Bonsai photographed so I drove it inside the makeshift but very professional studio and prepared my composition in between all the lights. It is always amazing to see just how good your own and others Bonsai look on the computer screens after it is lighted out properly by Willy. He will adjust everything painstakingly until everything is to his professional eye just perfect…only than will he be subdivided with the result! He even noticed a tinny spider wire hidden between two very small branch tips and made a compleat new picture after it was removed…such a professional! After he was finished I lifted the tree and slab back onto the trolly and drove it, and this was a long walk through this enormous complex, to the exposition area where I had to walk past endless rows of long tables to find my spot to make my composition. As usual, I had lost my map with my precise spot on it! And as always in these cases was it the last row where I looked! 🙂

Below: here I am still looking in that enormous hall.

Preparing my composition is always a trill and over before I know it! That’s why I nowadays always take my time to enjoy it more and soak in the positive energy of this great honour! Because even after all those years and many shows it is still a very uplifting and humbling experience to be able to show your creations among so many great Bonsai from other artists to so many Bonsai friends from all around Europe and even the world! I am a blessed man in that way! I made a video of it all and I will shoot some more footage next Sunday when I am there the whole day to meet up with old and new Bonsai friend from all around Europe and to watch all the amazing Bonsai on display in this great event! I will post this video as soon as possible…so watch this space!!!


Hans van Meer

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


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Hi everybody,

a few weeks ago during my visit to the “New years ” reception at my dear friend Teunis Jan Klein “DESHIMA” Bonsai centre, two Bonsai friends asked me if I had any other artful hobbies besides Bonsai? I answered with: yes a few every now and then! Let me explain, I have tried over the last 45+ years many different artistic expression forms, but only Bonsai and drawing have really hit the keep on doing spot! And even drawing is only still regularly practised by me because I use it as a guide and blueprint for mine and others their Bonsai designs! But there are still some examples of my various attempts in existence and some go way back to my early teens! And I thought that it may interest you to see what I have made over the last 45 years?!

I must have been around 13 or 14 years old when I (out of the blue) made this drawing. This was such a rare occasion that I have always kept it and later one framed it in this frame. (17×11 cm)

I was 17 years old when I along with two dozen other boys and girls were selected out of well over a thousand applicants for admission to the Royal school for Delfts blue porcelain painting (De Porceleyne Fles in Delft). This Delfts Blue porcelain factory those exist since 1653 and I was over the moon when after a few days of tests I was allowed to be an apprentice in their prestigious school! One of the successful tests that I had to do was to draw a tree…and that must have been a sign for my later life in Bonsai! Being an apprentice meant that after a few successful mounts you were allowed to paint among other things plates, vases and the world famous windmills and clogs for the worldwide market! Here is one of those plates that I painted way back in 1979, this one I proudly bought for my Mother and that was no small thing way back then because original Delfts Blue was then and still is pretty expensive and I was making absolute minimum wages! 😉 30cm diameter.

   If I remember correctly we had once a month after worktime the change to design and paint our own designs on whatever we wanted as long as it did not resemble any original design of the factory! This was always great fun to do with all the other jong colleges! Below: a fantasy SF creation I made during one of these free sessions. 

Below: and another one I made of our old dog an English born English setter that was originally named (believe it or not) Lord Gedogan the third! We just cold him “Ducky”! 🙂

At the end of that same year, I successfully finished second of my glass and was hired for real…but I was the only one who was not allowed to go as promised to a follow-up art school because my earlier education was not sufficient enough to be admitted?! So I shook my boss his hand say hi to my colleagues and walked out and never looked back… a few days later I was hired as a roadmaker earning in a week what I use to make in a month as a so-called artist! But still, after all these years it makes me a bit sad because it was really special to do…but hey that’s me…impulsive and strongminded! 😉

Then some 15 years ago after I had been doing Bonsai for some 10 or 11 years I started buying and collecting Japanese hand-painted Shikishi and Tanzaku via eBay to hang behind my Bonsai and in my living room. They were so beautifully painted and I just loved the way those amazing artists managed with just a few simple strokes to depict a whole scenery. I then started to realise just how those paintings could inspire the great artist like van Gogh all those years ago when they first were seen in Europe! And it was around that time when I thought that I would like to make my own to hang behind my own Bonsai, which was then still allowed at most big Bonsai shows in Europe! So I copied many many pictures of those little paintings on eBay to study and bought online Blanco old linen and new paper Shikishi and Tanzaku and brushes and Sumi ink an ink stone and even my own custom-made stamp and red ink to sign my work! 

Below: Shikishi with a pine painting and (the story of my life) this is the first and only one I ever made!

What I still do very often is making Bonsai design drawings for my self and for my students! And I must have made a few hundred by now and luckily I made some pictures of them so that I can show you some of them here. Drawing your vision of the tree/Bonsai you are about to style is very helpful no matter how good you can draw! Just a simple sketch of your idea helps you to visualize your thought and judge and remember it in your mind! Especially as a novice it prevents your mind from getting cluttered with all the different impressions and your different ideas! The proverbial: cant see the forest through all the trees comes to mind here! And another thing is that when you use your hands to draw your vision on to paper it will become imprinted in your mind much better, as a sort of blueprint! You will remember it much clearer and much longer! The fun thing when you practise this technique is when the future Bonsai that you have made looks a lot like your original drawing! My advice to you all is: start drawing your designs…it helps enormously!!! And they are fun to keep as a memory of the birth of your Bonsai design! Here are just some of the many drawings that I have made over the past 28 years in Bonsai. 

Below: this big old Mugo Yamadori was discovered by me at the amazing Bonsai centre Nippon-en in the suburbs of Milan Italy during a Bonsai and Bonsai material trip that I made in 2001 with my oldest Bonsai friends Teunis Jan Klein en Carlos van de Vaart. This beautiful monster was all I could ever want in raw Bonsai material and although it had only a few tin stalky branches with only some spars foliage on the end, and on top of that was way more expensive than I had ever spent on a Yamadori…I just had to have it!!! So I made a small down payment and sent the rest when I got home. A few weeks later I drove all the way back again to Milan to collect it and take it to its new home in Holland! This picture below was taken at Nippon-en in Milan just after I fell in love with this old Mugo that I would later name “Big Ron” in honour of the brave but sadly deceased Ron from the old Bonsai forum “Bonsai Talk” were my online Bonsai adventure started all those years ago!

Below: this was with only the above picture as a reference the first simple sketch that I made when I got home and had to explain what my plans were for the future and why I bought it.

Below: a few months later in 2001 when the tree was in my garden, I made this clearer drawing with a thick felt pen and a few beers.

Below: and this is how Big Ron looked years later…pretty close right! 😉

Below: this Sylvestris pine design I made for one of the students at the 2008 edition of Tony Tickles amazing “BURRS” Bonsai weekends in the UK.

Below: a simple drawing for a Juniper design that I also made at “BURSS”. In a drawing of a slender tree like this, I wound botter drawing the back branches even though they exist on the tree in reality because that will clutter up the image and will make it less seeable and understandable for the student!

Below: as a former member of the online Bonsai forums like BonsaiTalk and IBC. I helped many Bonsai friends with there questions and with there styling problems or possibilities. This one I made when someone asked for styling advice when he posted a picture of his pine. With the help of photoshop, I made this suggestion for him. In this way, I did help many with their questions and that was very much fun for me and a pleasure to do!

Below: this drawing was made just for my evening demo at “BURRS” in 2007. Those demos were always fun to do with a lot of humour between us demonstrators and the students who were completely relaxed after a day long of hard work on their trees, a great meal in their stomach and a fine selection of different kinds of beer and hard liquor and snacks from all around this great planet close at hand!

Below: this design was exciting and a bit controversial because this Yew Yamadori from old and very dear friend Terry Foster was made up out of one tall tin Jin and just one tall tin branch!

Below: so I did what should normally not be don and crossed the long Jin close from behind with that long branch and bent the top section of it and the two long right and left branches slightly in front of it! Before that I started there were a lot of questions and some doubt about my plan for this tree… that made it very satisfying that afterwards, everybody really liked how it turned out! Sometimes it is good to break or bend the rules because the outcome might surprise you and others! This Bonsai is today still in Terry’s beautiful collection and he shows it to me every time that I have visited his garden since then and always says “look at my original “van Meer”! 🙂 

Below: another “BURRS” 2008 design I made for a student.

In early May 2014, I had my German Bonsai friend Dirk over for what we both call: another day of Bonsai fun in the sun! That day he fell in love with my midsize Wells Yamadori Hawthorn that I had collected years earlier and had since than prepared for it first real styling. Because of (in this case) her sexy trunk movement I had named it after the old sexy filmstar “Mae West”! The one from the immortal film phrase: is that a gun in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?! She is famous for wearing low cut ultra tight long dresses that became wide from just below her knees and a thick Boa around her shoulders. That iconic image stout model for the original Coca-Cola bottle and resemblance the trunkline and the base of this Hawthorn that you can see in the below picture!

Below: see the resemblance?! Another one of her famous sayings was:

Curves: the loveliest distance between two points!

Below: Dirk and I came to an agreement that he would become the new owner of “May West” and that he would style her that same day and he asked me to draw a design for it as a guide and as a keepsake for the future! 

Below: the design for May west.

Below: and after a few hours of prickly work for Dirk, the finished result.

Below: the design drawing for one of my pretty rare Dutch Hawthorn Yamadori in my collection. Rare because we don’t have many suitable Yamadori at all over here and to find anything with natural deadwood is even rarer and this old tree has plenty of that all over its trunkline! It was almost 1.7 meters tall when I collected it and it was cut down to 75cm! Every branch you see on this Bonsai is newly grown and she is formed in the “Mother and child” style.

Below: May 2014, the Bonsai in full bloom.

Hawthorn Mother and Child in a storm Hans van Meer org 500

Below: here I have drawn over the outlines of the tree, the Mother that is protecting her little child from the storm. It is heartwarming to see that the vision of this image that I had a decade ago became a reality for everybody with Bonsai eyes and some imagination!

Hawthorn Mother and Child in a storm Hans van Meer org virtual 500

Below: and some more designs that I made for my students.

Below: Dirk’s Yew design.

Below: A design for one of my own Yamadori sylvestris Pines.

Below: Desing for Ed’s Purple Smokebush.

Below: 2015. Design for my demo tree at “DESHIMA” Bonsai centre (NL).

Below: Desing for my demo Sylvestris at “Joy of Bonsai” in Bath (UK).

Below: and the result after a afternoons work.

joy of bonsai 2010 050 Hans van Meer

Below: two Juniper designs.

Below: my design for my Pinus Uncinate Yamadori that so sadly died before I could finish it.

Below: and two possible designs for the one and the same Yew Yamadori from my American hostess and friend “Mom” Irene.

Below: 2010. And one of the few drawings that I made. My little nephew “Jelle”.

Below: 2010. A drawing of my still young dear Father. 15x15cm.

Below: A drawing and poem that I made on the computer years ago after I stopped being a DJ after many very happy happy years.

And last but not least something close to my heart: There is now in Holland a nationwide campaign going on to raise awareness to make depressions more discussable and to help the people who suffer from it and the people who direct or indirectly come in contact with those people. I find this an extremely good and very necessary campaign because depressions and other related diseases are most often hidden and unspoken life-altering illnesses that are suffered by more than more than 35 percent of the Europian population! That is 1 in every 3 persons!!! The simple fact is that although you can nowadays freely talk about other life-altering diseases like for example cancer, depression is still a bit of a taboo and is mostly suffered in silence and animosity and if it is brought out in the open is often trivialized, talked down or not taken seriously! But like with other life-altering and disabling diseases we all need to recognize this fact and take sufferers of depression and other sicknesses of the mind seriously and give them the attention, a helping hand and an understanding ear that they like any other sick person need, but so often do not get! And last bud not least: please don’t judge them…they are sick and that can happen to anybody! Now you might ask yourself what does talking about depression have to do with Hans van Meer his artwork? Well, this important campaign made me decide to come out and say that I myself have been suffering from depressions for most of my adult life and therefore know just how difficult it is to talk about this illness! And the few people that I did tell about it, almost always replied in disbelieve with you? Such a tough guy? Or with you? Such a happy and always funny guy? And that makes that I as a lot of other depression sufferers keep it so often to our selfs and that makes you even more depressed! So a willing and understanding listener is sometimes all that we need…just like any other sick person would! That’s all! And now back to the art part: about 10 years ago after the second failed lower back operation and in a lot of pain and unable to sleep and really down low I started to make a self-portrait or one of those days drawing with a drawing tabled linked to the computer. I wanted to express how I felt at that moment in time through a drawing, something that was and still is not possible for me in Bonsai because that is simply not the right medium to express those kinds of feelings! I had never before used a drawing pad to make a drawing like this before so it was one big adventure and exploring trip that helped me through a couple of sleepless nights and created maybe my best and most meaningful work up to then!

Below: I first started with a sketch of a muscular me in an anxious fetal position. Big and strong on the outside because that is how everybody mostly thinks of me!

Below: a few night later, it is slowly getting there. Only the top hand needs to be finished. It took a long time because it is all drawn on just one page/layer because I did not then and still don’t know how to work on multiple pages/layers! For example, I can not at this below stage go back several steps/layers to correct, change, remove or add anything! This those make it more like painting or drawing on a real canvas or piece of paper! Working like this with building layers upon layers was very interesting and almost magical when you do this for the first time and see what is happening before your own eyes!

Below: and this is the end result after many long nights… but I would not have wanted to miss it for the world!!! It may be quite simple…but now that its don…I think that this is the closest I have ever been to create meaningful art from the hearth?!                    

Note that the first one that I ever showed this personal drawing was a dear and wise friend from Slovenia who as one of the few knew about my sometimes occurring anxieties and depressions. A bit worried I told him: please don’t be worried or upset about what I am going to show to you! He later that day wrote me back saying something that makes me wish that all depressed people in the world could meet such a wise and empathic friend to talk to in their houres of need!

This is what he more or less sad: Why should I be depressed by your painting? I see a dark stage…the light slowly go on and it captures a beautiful man…he slowly rises to the sound of bombastic music and then gives the best performance of his life and gets a standing ovation!!! ….How cool is that?!

I do hope you like this post about my artwork and my little coming out about my condition and what makes me…me?! I am still the same then I was before you read this post…but now you only know me a little bit better! And it was some sort of relief to finally write it and show my work! 

Next on the agenda will be to go next Wednesday to an evening meet and greet with Kunio Kobayashi and to see his demo at “DESHIMA” Bonsai centre! And then next Thursday I will be bringing in my Bonsai for the “Noelanders trophy”  in Belgium that will be staged on the 3rd and 4th of February. I will post pictures and a video of both events as soon as possible! So watch this space and my youtube video channel!!!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com




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Hi everybody,

A few days ago I brought my small Punica granatum indoors to give it its winter pruning and to wire the tiny branches where necessary. This little Bonsai is a Yamadori from France and is 27cm/10.7 Inch high and has been in my care for more than 20 years now. In all these years it has grown from being a small Shohin to its present size and has developed most of it branches new and an amazing Nebari for such a small Bonsai! I think it has a very natural and mature image for such a tinny tree and that’s why I want to show it to you all! The pot is by John Pitt (UK).

I hope you enjoyed this little post?!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


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Hi everybody,

all my Bonsai luckily made it safely through yesterday’s uniquely heavy Western storm that took several lives and caused 90+ million in damages to houses and buildings and tipping over more than 70 trucks causing huge day-long traffic jams and paralysing almost all plain and train traffic for most of the day! These tragic things seem to happen more and more worldwide and more frequently… it almost looks like somebody is trying to tell us something ?!  Anyhow… even though today (the day after) was a sunny day, I still decided to do the work that I planned indoors where there is EDM on the radio and a coffee machine close by! The first one I worked on was my old Prunus spinosa Yamadori Shohin from Wales. Too long branches were shortened or removed and some branches that were alright but misplaced were wired and repositioned. A long time ago this little tree was painstakingly styled by me as a Moyo-gi and was enjoyed in that style for several years… but I always felt that there was a better option hidden inside that style, but that meant that I had to completely restyle the tree and remove some of its major beautiful old branches! So I made a drawing (that I cant find somehow) and came to the conclusion that it was well worth the risk to restyle it completely… so I did it!  Now many years later it is growing better and better into that design that I envisioned all those years ago and I have not regretted that decision for a minute. The pot was given to me as a present when I was touring the US and was made by an obviously talented local potter…but I sadly can’t remember who it was and I can’t find it anywhere in my older posts?! Sorry for that!

Next, my little Hawthorn that I collected in November 2006 in Wales with Tony Tickle was brought inside for some correctional pruning and wiring!

Below: this is how it looked in February 2008 after I had removed all but a few branches from it, revealing it’s beautiful and uniquely tapered movement! In February 2016 it was proudly shown at the prestigious Noelanders trophy in Belgium.


Below: this is how she looks after the pruning and wiring session. All the badly placed and too thick branch tips were cut back to be replaced by a tinner one creating tapering in almost all the branches! And some branches were wired to reposition them in the desired position. It has grown so hard last two seasons that it has pushed itself out of this beautiful custom made pot by John Pitt (UK) so it needs to be repotted in a few months time. This also means that there are now more than enough small roots to safely give me the change to finally be able to remove a large stone from in between its old tick roots, creating more room to grow for the finner roots! And to pot the tree much deeper in its pot! On May the 26, it will be shown at the second edition of the “KEI BONSAI KAI” ten and the ten “DANNY USE & FRIENDS in the famous “GINKGO” Bonsai centre in Laarne Belgium! It is the first time that it will be shown with its foliage so it has to look at its very best!

                                           I hope you enjoyed this little story?!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


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Hi, everybody,

this is how this little “PEE PINE” that I found and collected In Austria in May 2004 looked after one of its first styling way back in April 2008. 35cm/14inch. It is named “PEE PINE” because it grew well hidden between the high grass and I almost accidentally peed on it during a walk through the mountains! 🙂

                                                                 “PEE PINE” 

               Below: This was taken in Spring 2009 in its new Tokoname pot.

9-9-2009 pi pine 2 010 Hans van Meer

And yesterday still in that same pot, while rain, hail and a storm were torturing my garden, I took her indoors for yet another restyling. She now measures 41 cm/16 Inch and has matured a lot! Below:

Below: before the work started.

Below: left side view after wiring and styling.

Below: right side view.

Below: backside view.


Below: and the finished front side view. I am really happy just how mature this tinny Pine looks right now! If it is not yet sold next Spring, it will be repotted as soon as the buds start to swell back into the same pot. But a little bit more tilted to the left! And as soon as the weather clears I will clean the Shari section and Jin’s and treat them with lime sulfur.

I hope you like this little story?!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


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Winterbomenpresentatie / Nieuwjaarsreceptie Bonsai Café NL / Deshima Bonsai Studio.

My Ilex verticillata at the show.
Pic. Ed van der Reek.

Hallo allemaal en de beste wensen nog,

 Zaterdag 6 jan. jongleden was het alweer tijd voor de jaarlijkse Winterboom presentatie en Nieuwjaars borrel in Teunis Jan Klein zijn geweldige Bonsai studio “Deshima” in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel. Hij had samen met de vrijwilligers van zijn Bonsai Café NL weer enorm veel werk verricht om er weer een geweldige Bonsai dag van te maken voor de vele bezoekers! Ik was door Teunis ook uitgenodigd om een Bonsai ten toon te komen stellen dus ik moest die dag weer eens vroeg uit de veren om mijn Ilex verticullata om 9 uur s’ochtens op te kunnen stellen voor dat de deuren open gingen om 10 uur! In de grote voor de gelegenheid om gebouwde open buiten kas was rond om een mooie ruimte gecreëerd met zwarte tafels en zwarte achterwanden zodat de winterbomen nog beter tot hun recht konden komen. Het opbouwen van je presentatie is altijd leuk en spannend om te doen en het is altijd weer een mooi moment om te zien hoe je Bonsai na al die jaren van werk er uit ziet op zijn Paas best! Na heel wat handjes schudden en de nodige praatjes was het alweer 10 uur en tijd voor Teunis Jan om namens Deshima Bonsai Studio en Bonsai Café NL iedereen van harte welkom te heten en om de Winterbomen presentatie 2018 te openen. Waarna iedereen zijn eigen weg ging om de tentoongestelde Bonsai te bewonderen of om gezellig wat aan de bar te drinken onder het genot van de gratis krentenbollen of om tussen de collectie top kwaliteit potten en binnen en buiten Bonsai te zoeken naar iets moois om te kopen! Om 11 uur begon de zeer interessante PowerPoint presentatie door Dominique Bosch over zijn leer periode in Japan. Tussen 12 en 1 uur werd de demo ruimte voor Dominique demonstratie ingericht terwijl er een digitale presentatie was van Bonsai Empire over uiteenlopende Bonsai tentoonstellingen van over de hele wereld. Om 1 uur werd onder het genot van een heerlijk glas bubbels met onze gastheer het glas op het komende schitterende bonsai jaar geheven. En een kwartiertje later begon de geslaagde demonstratie van Dominique op een niet zo voor de hand legende Jeneverbes, die later verloot werd onder de mensen die lootjes gekocht hadden. De boom ging uit eindelijk naar mijn student en vriend Diederick. 😊 De rest van de middag genoten we van al het moois in dit mooie Bonsai center en van de Winterbomenpresentatie met Bonsai die we elkaar willen laten zien en vertelden welke plannen we met onze bomen hebben voor het nieuwe jaar. Rond 5 uur ging iedereen weer met zijn eigen bomen of met hun nieuw aanwinsten moe maar voldaan weer op huis aan. Ik wil hierbij Teunis Jan en alle vrijwilligers van het Bonsai Café bedanken voor al hun werk dat deze zeer hartverwarmende Bonsai dag mogelijk maakte! Helaas heb ik geen foto’s gemaakt maar binnen kort zet ik een door mij geschoten korte video van deze mooie dag op YouTube!

Tot volgend jaar in goede gezondheid dan maar weer!


Hans van Meer.

PS: De hier boven door mij getoonde Ilex heeft het gelukkig door de voor sellectie van de Noelanders Trophy 2018 gehaald en zal daar in Februari tussen al dat Bonsai geweld te zien zijn! 🙂 Dus mijn Bonsai jaar is al goed begonnen dus!!! 😉


Deshima Bonsai Studio.

Ir Leleystraat 44

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel   2912 CH




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