This picture was shot in early 2000 during a weekend trip I took to the Belgium Ardennes. This old “European Beech” Fagus sylvatica had grown for many centuries, wile around it the scenery completely changed. It was surrounded by thousand of fur trees, that were planted there for there timber. The only open spaces that were left, were the roads that the forestry commission and the lumberjacks used for there work. And were 4 off these open roads met, this old lonely tree was growing. Just a few weeks, before this pictures made, this part of Europe was hid by a big storm. And these open roads surrounded by those high fur trees, must have channeled all the force of this storm, right on to this devensles old tree! After all these years of surviving a changing environment, this big lonely tree collapsed! On the left you can see some of the remaining of the once so tall and proud tree. But mother nature felt sorry for this big guy and helped it to grow new branches on what was left off it’s hollowed out trunk. Creating this wonderfull image of resilience and the will to live! I wonder if this tree still lives there all alone on the crossroads of live? As soon as I am able to, I will make the trip to Belgium to check it out!

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