Hi, everybody.

well, it is like they say: bad luck never comes alone! And I don’t want to go in too many details…but let’s just say that I have to mutch physical problems at this moment in time to make such a long trip up and down to Saulieu France! That, plus the fact that I drove the side of my car on a parking place in our harbour into a massive steal knee-high boulder! It was hidden out offside in between two cars on an otherwise full parking place…my happiness from finding a place to park my car was short lived when I drove backwards and a loud bang scared the s##t out of me!!! I jumped out of my car and ren around the front of it, praying that I did not hit an hurt a person or animal…only to find, that I drove back into a knee-high darkly coloured massive steal BOLDER…in the middle of a ####### parking lot?! Bending inwards the right front door and the beam underneath it. My neck hernia and pinched nerves when I lift up my head disabled me from properly looking over my shoulder, so I never saw the darn thing!!!


After carefully but with a lot of force bending back the door and hammering down the beam underneath it. I managed to close the door again…but there is still a large gap around the top of it and the car, where the rain comes through! And when I drive above 70 km an hour I can’t even hear the radio anymore from the noise that gap creates! So as you can tell, both the car and I were and are in no shape for this trip!

So besides having a lot of doctoring to look forward to and having no proper car anymore, I don’t think it would be safe anyway…so about a week ago now, with pain in my heart, I contacted Frederic Chanel the very friendly and talented organizer of this amazing Bonsai event to tell him what had happened and that I sadly had to decline for this year’s show! He came back to me, with a heartwarming email, wishing me all the best and in advance inviting my “Elephant” and me back for the 2019 edition of the European Bonsai-San Show! That was such a relief because showing a tree of mine in such a prestigious show is a long time dream of mine! Having this in the back of my mind and the amazing fun I had with all my Slovenian friends in the first part of this year will get me through the things to come!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com



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