In memoriam for “Kim” my 21-year-old sweetheart pussycat.

Dear friends,

It is just over a week ago now that after a very short illness I had to let go of our 21-year-old beloved pussycat named “KIMMY” but we called her always just “KIM”. She lived happily with us for more then 16 years and is and shall be terribly missed! Earlier this year after I had covered the whole garden with nets against the birds and low flying footballs en frisbees from the kids in our neighbourhood, she took her first steps outside and boy what fun she had on her old age! Jumping on my tables and walking very carefully between my trees and meeting mister frog and misses toad and all kind of insects for the first time and drinking dirty water from plants and the ground after I watered my Bonsai, she just loved it all and it rejuvenated her completely! She was always strong like that and saw here first Docter up close when she was well into here seventeens and she (when she felt like it or under the spell of catnap) played well into her twentieth year with toys or anything that moved…including spiders! The last years only doing number one gave her some problems every now and then. And, in the end, she became a bit older looking and stiffer…but nobody who saw here could believe that she was already 21 years old and that is why her quick demise in just a few days time came still as a heartbreaking surprise. And now the house is empty and she is not there waiting for me any more to come home, like in the picture below…and that hurts like crazy!

                                                                * Kim (Kimmy)*

Born: 6-6-1997 — Died: 18-9-2018 

Hans van Meer.


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  1. T’entenc i em sento molt identificat amb tu. Jo també vaig tenir una gata durant 16 anys, amb aquest mateix color i la pèrdua fa mal. Ja han passat 5 o 6 anys i d’altres gats, però fins ara no hem trobat un de caràcter similar.
    Ànims, estic amb tu, ho sento de veritat.

    • Hola Vicenc! Gràcies per la vostra simpatia, amic meu, us ho agraïm molt. La meva dona és espanyola i m’ha traduït per mi. 🙂 És com si perdés el teu fill i el millor amic alhora. Però hem estat beneïts durant tant de temps amb la seva alegria i amor, i això comporta una mica de consol.
      Gràcies de nou! I moltes salutacions d’Holanda!

  2. Daniel Snipes says:

    Hi Hans,

    Sorry to hear about your cat. It´s always heartbreaking. My mother just had her two twin cats die, at an old age, and she is still mourning. Remember the good times, cherish the memories, and be thankful that Kimmy was in your life.

    mvg, Dan

  3. Marijke Claassens says:

    Ach, ik lees het nu pas van Kim, wat zal je haar missen, veel sterkte hoor met het verlies.

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