Hi Everybody,

after the horror of losing my blog and everything on it…without having made a backup… all my adventures of the last years were gone! 🙁 With the kind online help and tip from a friendly WordPress helper, I managed to recover half of all my old posts! And I managed to build a new blog with a new address so that I could later manually repost what I managed to save on to it! All very frustrating! In the meanwhile, I tried to find out what actually went wrong with mine and all the other Bonsai blogs that disappeared on the same day as mine did…but I sadly could not find or get any answers?

Until yesterday evening (late) when I was in the middle of copying the saved content so that I could (try to) post it on to my new blog. When I (for no reason at all) tried my old blog once again….IT OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was all there again…as if nothing happened?! So I quickly made an XML file of all the content to make sure! It might all disappear without any warning just as quickly as it appeared without any warning?!

So I hope to find out how and what and what if? And for now, just hope and pray that all keep on working from now on and hope for some information if there is any?!

Anyhow…I am back for now and I hope that it stays this way!!! Might it disappear again than Bonsai life will go on on my new blog:

Fingers crossed and know that a lot has happened over the last couple of months so many posts are waiting to be posted on to here again!!!

So CU all later!


Hans van Meer



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