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Hi everybody,

again….it’s been a while since I could get my self to sit down and wright on my blog! I feel my blog should tell story’s of joy…because most of the times, Bonsai brings nothing but joy! But I have been poor for a long time now, with a lot of ups and downs, so the short periods of  being able to work were mostly used to maintain my Bonsai as good as was possible at that time! Mind you though, my head and hearth were always filed with Bonsai….but the actually doing it was the hard part! Strange how those things can go in live?! It is like being Hugh Hefner… at his age… in the PlayBoy mansion… with out any blue pills! Me love it….but me don’t work good anymore! 😉 But I did do things (see picture above) and when I did, it was like discovering Bonsai all over again!! Simply because I still love it and creating and seeing those small trees grow into my vision is still priceless!!! I miss the traveling and my Bonsai friends though..! And I am planning and working hard towards catching up on all those things  next year!!! 

One of the trees that is coming along nicely is the one below!  It is a Winter image picture I made last week of my (Still a bit to young looking)  Ilex verticillata (winterberry.) This is a Urban Yamadori from Holland and some 60 years old by now. It is saved from the blender when a 55 year old train station was demolished and all old trees and scrubs were destroyed! It’s a Kabudachi (multiple 5 trunk) and the height is 57cm. It is here photoshopped into it’s future (next year?) beautiful Isabella pot, that I so luckily bought last month at my long awaited first visit to my dear friends Danny and Ingrid from Bonsai centre “GINKGO” (B) in 10 years! And it is in training since 2009. It needs a few more years of fine ramification to fill it more out and than it will be ready to show! The slab is found years ago at a carboot sail and needs to be made thinner and more presentable by me in the future! I hope you like this little forest as much as I do?!

I am still working on improving this new blog design, so bare with me please!! I will be posting more soon! And I am working as best as I can on my new website as well…so lots of stuff happening ….and that is just fine!!!


Hans van Meer.


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