Pictures of mine Pinus thunbergii Yamadori and a Tip.

Hi everybody,

a few days ago I did some maintenance work on my old Pinus thunbergii Yamadori from Japan. I got this pretty tree some 20 years ago as a birthday present and I still think it is wonderful! She has been trough a lot since she arrived in my garden! Being blown right off the tables by a storm…twice! The second time straight into the pond I  then hat still in my garden! Were she laid several days completely submersed under water before we noticed that she was missing! And than there was the time that she, after I had cut off the old needles, dropped all of here new growth! She was completely bold! But she soon made new buds and now some 12 years later is still doing fine! Although I love the small round pot she is in now, I am sill planning to repot her next year in a slightly bigger and heavier square pot, so that she can grow some more roots and so that she can stand more safely and secure by its self on my tables. Now she is still tight down with wire and a piece of bamboo to the upside down pot that you can see under need its pot! This pot is there to hold and weight her down to the table! Before these pictures were made I removed last years needles so that more light can reach the inside of the branches to promote back budding! Tomorrow I will remove the wire from all the branches! I will rewire her just before I will repot her next Spring! But I still wanted to show her to you all and I hope you like her just as much as I do?!

30-7-2016 226 hans van meer 500Close up of the beautiful and all natural deadwood/ Shari and old bare roots/ Neagari. The trunk winds half way down the foliage you can see and then curls up again to just under the bottom of its pot!




30-7-2016 239 hans van meer 500And than now a other (I hope) helpful tip! A lot of us use aquarium tubing (see picture!) to prevent wire from digging into the bark of the tree when we are bending thick branches with tension wires between the two branches!

30-7-2016 255 hans van meer 500But than we have a problem because this tubing can only be used on one branch, because if we want to use it  around the second branch (see picture!) to protect it, we cant run the wire trough it and tighten it?!

30-7-2016 263 hans van meer 500Well here is the solution! With the help of a concave cutter (see picture!) cut out a small bite off one side of the tub!

30-7-2016 271 hans van meer 500So that you are left with a piece of tube that look like this (see picture!)!



30-7-2016 274 hans van meer 500

Now you can run both ends of the wire trough both ends of the tube en run them them trough the whole you just cut out! Slide the tube down the wire as tightly against the bark as possible  and with a tong twist both ends of the wire as tight as necessary to hold the branch/es in position!

30-7-2016 283 hans van meer 500

Hope this will help you and that you liked the  quick view of my little old Pine?!


Hans van Meer.







































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