Pictures of my small Yamadori Hawthorn and a Tip.

Hi every body,

last week I made some pictures of my small Hawthorn Yamadori that I collected many years ago with dear friends Tony Tickle and Terry Foster in Wales. Up to now it is almost always shown on the web and in shows with out any foliage….so here it finally is with its Summer foliage!

4-7-2016 kleine meidoorn 172 hans van meer 500And a close up of its nicely ageing bark.

4-7-2016 kleine meidoorn 173 hans van meer 500

Below: I know that just like me many of you use different kinds of plastic tubs or pots for your pre Bonsai! Most of those containers have some sort of rim around it on top! When we need to secure a resent potted plant or tree in one of these containers or when we need to pull down a branch with wire, we have a problem! That is than solved by making some holes in those rims with  scissors, knifes or power drill to run the wires trough and secure! This is often hard work that needs to be don in exactly the right place to work and it means most times that this container cant be used a second time, because it is weakened! Well here is a simple solution that prevents this and makes it possible to adjust the wire when needed! Cut a 3MM up to 5MM (old piece) of wire to length and with a plier bent it like in the picture below! Secure your (in this case copper) wire to it as close to the needed length and secure it! Now if your wire is to short or to long and your branch needs to be bend more or less, just slide the hook you have made to the left or right side! Simple but effective! And those hooks are re usable so handy in your tool box when you need them the next time!

7-7-2016 XL hans van meer 153 org 500Below: this is how it works! More bend to the left! Less bend to the right! And no harm to the container!

7-7-2016 XL hans van meer 169 org 500




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