Repotting some of my Shohin bonsai!

24-4-2016 Prunus spinosa 050 hans van meer 500

Hi everybody, here are some pictures I made from my Shohin repotting session.


First picture (little Tony) is from my Shohin Prunus spinasa Yamadori from the UK. This was many years ago a gift from my dear friend Tony Tickle (UK).

24-4-2016 taxus repotting 053 hans van meer 350

Above: The second one (little Terry) is a Taxus Yamadori from the UK and was also many years ago a gift from my good friend Terry Foster (UK).



My old Bonsai friends have always been very good to me and lots of the trees that are still in my collection today are aether a gift or are collected with them in the wild!

24-4-2016 Prunus spinosa 052 hans van meer 500

The third one shows little Tony (left)next to a other old UK Yamadori Prunus spinosa that also was a long time ago a present from Terry Foster.

24-4-2016 Shohin 391 hans van meer 350

The fourth one shows (little Tony) in full bloom. This was first trained for many years as a informal upright Bonsai but was a few years ago radically changed into this more dramatic style!


And the last one shows them along some of my other Shohin, a Punica granatum and my old Dutch yamadori Potentilla fruticosa that won 1 price at the Dutch Bonsai association some 20 years ago.

Shohin are a real joy in my garden, especially the once that bloom in Spring time!

24-4-2016 Shohin 394 hans van meer 500

I hope you enjoyd this little impression of my Shohin!? Sorry for the poor lay out, this is the best I can do for now!


Hans van Meer.


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