A picture of my small Hawthorn.

Hi everybody,

here are 2 pictures of my small Hawthorn that I am about to enter into the pre selection for next Noelanders 2015 trophy. First picture is from Feb. 2008 when work started with a bare skeleton and the second one is now, still in it’s old training pot that will be changed with it’s new custom made pot by John Pitt when the tree is dormant….so that it hopefully look great at the show…..if it makes it in that is!? 😉 It sadly is just to high to be placed into the Kifu sized Bonsai section, that have special attention in this years edition, but I am glad it would be in the show anyway! I think this little tree has come far in such a little time! I hope you like it like this? I will post a picture as soon as the foliage has dropped off, to show its branch structure!


Hans van Meer.

februari-2008-352-hans-van-meer 2 8-10-2015 meidoorn 056 hans van meer org web






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