Hi everybody,

I would like to share 2 pictures that I made a few weeks ago after finishing rewiring my small Hawtorn again. It took me the whole (sunny) afternoon and I have some splinters of their #### needles still deeply embedded under the nail of my left thumb to day….both sides! Sigh!…….Any how, I was sitting in our living room looking out wards and knottiest that the little Hawthorn was still standing in the middle of my garden on it’s working table that I had used during that painful afternoon wiring session and it did not look half bad or small! I have asked famous Potter and bonsai friend John Pitt to design and make a unique pot for it, I cant wait to see what John artistry will create to go along with my creation?! And than I hope to enter it into next years Noelanders Trophy in the chuhin devision! Fingers crossed for a good growing season and a beautiful pot (NO PRESSURE!!) 🙂

Below pictures top view: No wonder that I hurt my fingers wiring! 😉

I hope you guy’s like the pictures of my little Hawthorn?!


Hans van Meer.

12-3-2014 wolfie 004 Hans van Meer org 500 12-3-2014 wolfie 020 org 500

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