Pictures from my Demo at the “Vlaamse Bonsai Vereniging” Saturday 17 May 2014.


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Hi everybody,

early on the 17th of May, after a very warm 1,5 hour drive, I arrived in Edigem (Belgium) for my demo at this years Bonsai show from the (Antwerp section) of the “Vlaamse Bonsai Vereniging”. I had brought along a Yamadori Pinus Silvestris that I had prepared partly at home so that I would have time enough to finish it at this demo! Two thick branches needed to be bend sevearly so the time consuming aplying of wet rafia to protect the branches was allready don at home to safe time! I also had prepared a large wooden board to hold the whole pot and tree into it’s new forward tilted position during the demo!

Even though it was a very warm day there were still a lot of visitors in the larg hall were the event was staged!

Below: Section of the hall were the prices for the lotery were showed.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4592 org 500

Below: Having a coffey and a friendly talk with my old Belgium Bonsai friend Huub Behets.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4593 org 500

Below: My demo tree before the work begon.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4588 org 500

Below: Explaining my plans for the tree.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4605 org 500

A iron roth was used to hold the heavely bended new top into it’s new place.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4615 org 500

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4610 org 500

Below: Bringing the foliage of the left hanging branch into possition.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4609 org 500

Below: Shaping the Jins and Shari.

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4611 org 500

Below: Almost finished and in time! 🙂

alg_verg_antwerpen_mei_2014-4612 org 500

Below: Not the best picture, I know! But it’s a small garden and I have run out of space to make an better picture! 🙂

3-5-2014 demo belgie 006 hans van Meer org 500

I had a great day and I would like to thank the members of the Vlaamse Bonsai Vereniging for their hospitalitie and the kind use of their photo’s ! Next Saterday my demo at the 25th National Dutch Bonsai Show! I cant wait!!! 


Hans van Meer.



Info for worshops and demo’s only : karamottobonsai@hotmail.com


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