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I made some pictures of two of my Hawthorns now they were still showing there lovely flowers! But only just, with every little shake it started to snow a little so I had to be careful! The first one is from my old little Hawthorn in its new smaller Dan Barton pot. I always loved the former combo with the beautiful Horst Heinzlreiter pot that I won in a online styling competition, especially when it was in bloom! But it was a bit to heavy and overpowering during the leafless winter period. During the last repotting I found out that it easily fitted in to the slightly smaller and shallower Dan Barton pot, so that was a no brainier! Now the tree is more equal to the pot and looks much bigger, taller and further away than before! Dan Barton gave me this stunning pot as a surprise gift the last time I stayed in his warm house so I am glad that I found the right tree for his beautiful pot, I hope Dansai likes it as much as I do?! 😉

Hawthorn in bloom Hans van Meer org 500

This rare “Dutch” Hawthorn Yamadori that I collected some were in early 2000 close to were a live near the beach had some difficult to solve problems, like no branches on the lower part of its trunk and hardly any movement on the whole trunk! So I had to create a whole new top area out off new branches that had grown from a thick inverse tapered top stump. This is the drawing that I made for it back in 2005, it’s my take on a “Mother and Child” design! I all way’s wanted one so here was my change and challenge to create one!

11-7-2005 design Mother and Child Hawthorn Hans van Meer

Out off a branch that grew from the right bottom section I created a small leaning tree, like a little child that clings on to his towering mother seeking protection from the storm! How poetic ! 🙂 It even has it’s little arm around her legs! This way I created some tings of interest on and around a otherwise boringly empty and strait trunk line! The straight (like a stick) natural deadwood section along most of the trunk line was shaped with use of a concave cutter. I managed to create the elusion of movement by just removing and breaking off the hard deadwood. Now the trunk has some flow to it and is interesting to look at.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrz8888888 082 Hans van Meer 500

The yellow line better shows the movement of bark and trunk. No more straight section!

november, 2005 virtual Hans van Meer 500

And in the present time! The basic shape is already there, now it needs more branch structure to fill out the silhouette. It never had this many flowers and looks and smell great! It has a lot off flows, but tons of character, in a year of 5 it will be ready to show (I hope)! 🙂

Hawthorn Mother and Child in a storm Hans van Meer org 500

Some thing like this is what I see! A fantasy Bonsai?! 😉

Hawthorn Mother and Child in a storm Hans van Meer org virtual 500

Hope you enjoyed the pictures?!


Hans van Meer.



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