Update of my favorite little Hawthorn.

The tree is with out any wire for a long time now and some off the new smaller branches are growing in the wrong direction and needs to be wired in to place or cut back! The finer ramification that fills out and shapes the outline of the separate foliage pads has more than doubled over this last year and so far I am happy with the lower 80% off the ramification, but the top section needs to thicken some more and fill out a lot more to make me really HAPPY!! 🙂 But they don’t grow much when they are settled in a pot like this on is, so that will take at least two more growing seasons! Maybe just in time for the next Noelanders Kifu trophy?! The result of the root techniques I did last year are still covered with cut paste and soil and seem to do all right?! But we will know after this winter when I will have a closer look at the roots, I will keep you informed. I hope that the finer roots have grown enough to allow me to cut off some major thick roots so that I am able to remove to big rocks from the root ball! Than I can put it in a more shallower and suitable pot than this one. Although more suitable, some people really like this pot it is in now! Tony Tickle who was here last weekend loved the pot and he is not the only one! What do you guy’s think?! Note the pot is dirty in these pictures and normally it has a nice dark patina! I find it some what to high or to heavy, but in the future when the silhouette is more full, well than it might look just right?!

Below: Left side,

25-1-2014 112 Hans van Meer 500

Below: Right side,

25-1-2014 119 Hans van Meer 500

Below: Back site,

25-1-2014 117 Hans van Meer 500

Below: And finaly the front site.

25-1-2014 110 Hans van Meer 500

Below: A birds eye view of the ramivication.

25-1-2014 124 Hans van Meer 500

Below: I will wire the tree this coming week and will post the result as soon as I have good pictures!

My next upcoming post will be about the first work that I did one off mine Prunes mahaleb yamadori!!!

Hans van Meer.


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