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on the 8th of September I gave a demo at SHO RYU KAI BONSAI CLUB that’s is situated in the famous LODDER Bonsai centre in Harmelen (The Netherlands). Marcel Witteman a member of this club took pictures of it all and he gave me kind permission to use them so that I could share them with you all! It was a short afternoon demo, so I was a bit pressured for time (as often with demo’s), but I got some kind wiring help from Filip Haesen (Belgium) that gave me some more room to explain and discus things with the club members!

5 NOR_0054 800

Below: This demo tree (from Filip Haesen) that I selected is a Chuhin sized Juniper Itoigawa from Japan. Some years ago it was used in a other demo after witch it lost a lot of branches especially on one side! It recovered well and now it is healthy enough to under go it’s second styling by me! This is one of two possible fronts.

1 NOR_0048 800

Below: Problem with choosing this side is that the first branch on the right side of the tree is placed almost in the top, so it can only be transformed into a literati Bonsai.

2 NOR_0049 800

Below: This is the other possible front.

3 NOR_0050 800

Below: Problem with choosing this side as a front is that there is a reverse taper at the base of the tree.

4 NOR_0051 800

Below: Having a long look while discussing all the possibilities with the students.

6 NOR_0056 800

7 NOR_0057 800

8 NOR_0061 800

Below: After we decided to go with the second possible frond side (with the reverse taper), I removed all unwanted foliage and death stuff.

10 NOR_0070 800

Below: Than with the help of a hard copper brush I carefully removed all the dry bark from the recently died sections, making sure not to damage the live veins. A cut back branch and a old dead one were converted in to short Jins. In this picture you can clearly see that there are no branches growing from this side!

11 NOR_0076 800

Below: After initial cleaning. Green arrow: Look how nice that newly formed live vain craws upwards the trunk. Red arrow: Here a section of deadwood needs to be removed, so that the trunk will look thinner and more in balance with the bottom section of the trunk!

12 NOR_0077 800

Below: Removing unwanted wood, while styling what stays. It is don with the purpose to reduce the visual thickness of the deadwood, but also to envisage the beauty of it. In other words: It has to look good! 🙂 The green arrow point at a uncovered recently died section.

14 NOR_0089 800

Below: Stil styling the deadwood while Filip Haesen is wiring along.

15 NOR_0091 800

Below: Almost finished.

16 NOR_0093 800

Below: Applying the last wire.

13 NOR_0084 800

Below: The red line shows just how snake like the bottom section of the trunk coils upwards! The red arrow points at the only thicker branch of the tree. It is pretty straight so it needs bending to give it more movement. It will be the main character branch in this design.

17 NOR_0096 800

Below: Bringing the foliage of the bottom branch into place. It is divided in to two main layers.

18 NOR_0098 800

Below: Slowly bringing layer after layer into it new place. In this picture you can clearly see that with this side as the front the branch with the red arrow would be the first main branch. The only way to style with a first branch that high would be a tall Literati with not much foliage and a strange trunk. The green arrow shows at the only lower branch on the tree. It is useless with this as a front because it grows straight to the back. A windswept would not look right either with this trunk, in mine and the majoritys opinion! 🙂

19 NOR_0100 800

Below: Bringing everything into it place, with out match planes or thoughts! I love this bit, exciting and always a bit affright or maybe, anxious?! It makes me happy! 🙂

20 NOR_0104 800

Below: The final resold. It’s a basic styling with not much harm or risk to the tree, so I am sure that in the good care of Filip this tree will recover just fine this time! It will be a nice Bonsai in just a few years time when more foliage has grown and more details/layers has been formed by Filip!

21 NOR_0106 800

Below: The end result, for now! But the start is there! I had fun and Filip, the owner, was happy and the club members were happy! So I am happy! Yes a fun day indeed, thanks to the SHO RYU KAI BONSAI CLUB for having me, lets do it again!? 🙂

22 NOR_0109 800

I hope you all enjoyed this little photo story of a Sunday afternoon demo? 🙂






  1. Looks great Hans, nice demo and good blog

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