Today finaly a dry day, so I grabbed the change and repotted two of my trees. The first one I did was my shohin Weigelia florida a urban yamadori that I bought as raw material in 2009.

Below: this is how it looked this Summer.

Below: Free from it’s former trainings pot.

Below: In it’s new temporary pot.

I think it looks  realy sweat in this pot for now. The bright green color of this pot will match the deep dark purple/brown color of the foliage. The coming years I will mainly focus on getting a better ramification and hopefully flowers, we will see, no hurries! 🙂

The second one that I repotted is a Hawthorn that I named, for obvius reasons, “Mae West”!

Below: “Mae West” still in her ugly plastic trainings tub.

Below: There were enough small roots to safely remove a long stump that was left on for safety when I collected this little tree in Wales.

Below: “Mae West” in her new temporary home.

Below: A close up of “Mae West” her pretty nebari dress, draped across the floor, like she use to do in many of her films. “He mister is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me”?! Brilliant!

“Mae West” needs to be wired again but that is for the future!  I love the challenge to make something out of not so good material. And thats why I ended up with a tree full of ….well things that we normally dont want on a Bonsai, but that is why she is so unique! There is a lot of beauty to be found in imperfection!

For now she deserves some respect and time to recover! Hope you like these little fun trees?

Cheers, Hans van Meer.

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