Hi everybody,
yesterday late in the afternoon, the all ready setting Sun finaly broke trough the clouds! So I finally was able to make
some pictures of some of my Hawthorns in their Autumn colors! And not a day to soon, last day’s rain and wind had thorn off a lot of foliage! And me moving them around to fast in a hurry did not help eather! And in the case of the largest one, well I did not realize just how heavy the tree realy was and having to carry it from one end of my garden to the other end , made me drop it just a little to hard on the table that I prepared for the camera! It snowed yellow leaves for a few seconds and left the poor tree allmost naked! Anyhow, I wanted to share some of these pictures with you all. I just love to see those seasonal changes in these little trees!
Below: This “Dutch” Hawthorn yamadori is still in training and the two bottom branches that were allowed to grow freely fore two seasons, still need to be shortened. And the rest of the branches needs more growth to fill out the desired image.

Below:This is a other “Dutch” Hawthorn” , the large and heavy one I mentioned before. It lost most of it’s foliage, but I hurt my back again lifting it, so we call it even! This tree has come a long way in the past years, almost all branches on it are new and it needs a bit more time to fill out the foliage, but I like the way it is coming along!

Below: This is one of my older Hawthorns that I collected with Tony Tickle in Wales, way back in ’97! It lives for many years now, in this especially for this tree designed pot by Brian Albright. I was absolutely delighted to show it in the 2005 “Ginkgo Awards” in Belgium! Since than it has not been shown in a other exhibition. I dont bleach deadwood on my Hawthorns so it is a bit hard to tell from this picture, but the life vain curls all the way upwards around the trunk like a snake! And it’s literally bursting with live bark is getting better and better as the years go by!

Below: This is one of my favorites trees in my collection, it was collected in ’99 in Wales. I was proud to show it in full bloom in the 2005 “Joy of Bonsai” (UK) and a year latter in the 2006 ‘Ginkgo Awards” in Belgium. Since than it has not been shown in any other Bonsai show. It needs some tinning out in the left top section and some smaller branches need to be wired to bring them back into place, but I like it’s image of a old tree and I love the bark that is getting better with each year that passes.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures?!
Hans van Meer.


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  1. Yosu says:

    Beautiful Bonsais, I like both “Dutch” Hawthorn” the most.
    Why don’t you publish the pictures at BonsaiZ.com?

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