Still alive!

Hi, everybody,

just want to let you all know that I am still among the living! 🙂 A lot of things happen to me during the last couple of months, from which I am still recovering! Getting through that period in my life took all of my energy and because of that, I did not feel like doing any writing and posting! I did some other artwork and Bonsai styling work though, that I will post during the next couple of days! But not everything was bad, two weeks ago I finally met the latest addition to our family! His name is Twan and he brought a big smile on my face!

Bellow: Me, little Twan and his proud Mother and my niece Dory.

I will start posting Bonsai stuff in the next few days!


Hans van Meer.




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2 Responses to Still alive!

  1. Jack says:

    Brilliant news! and congrats on the new addition. Looking foward to reading what you have been up to.

  2. Rui Marques says:

    Best wishes for Twan and for your family.

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