Hi everybody,

as promised, I would like to share some pictures of the repotting of my “DUTCH” Hawthorn yamadori. I collected it way back in ( will find out tomorrow)  in a dune forest close to the sea and not to fare from were I live. It took me tree seasons to downsize it to the height I wanted and all but a few branches were removed. So I created a blank canvas and basicly had to hope for new buds to appear in just the right places to create the new branches with.

Now after all these years working on the ramification, the tree is heading in the right direction. It will take another 4 to 5 years of growth and wiring to fill out the desired image, but the basic branch structure to work from is there all ready.

I hope you like this little story of this Hawthorn, the rest you can find soon on my website!


Above: Collecting the tree.

Above: The tree is freed from the sandy soil, and now I am cutting the tree down to a more lift able size!

Above: A year later, The yellow arrow shows from were I want my future apex to grow from.

Above: All the unwanted branhes are removed or shortened. Only one original branch remains on the left middle site of the trunk!

Above: A few days ago. The larger roots were shortened. This is don every repotting, until the roots are in proportion with the base of the tree.

Above: Carefully removing the old soil.

Above: My student and friend Ed van der Reek is helping me to carfully work the fresh soil in between the roots.

Above: I am please how this tree is progressing. There is still a lot of growing and work to be don, but it all ready looks promising.

Above : Close up of the natural deadwood. This tree has come far in just a short time and I cant wait to see how it looks in 5 years?! I love this hobby! 🙂

I hope you like were this pre bonsai is going?!

Hans van Meer.

The rest of this and many other stories can be found on my personal Bonsai website “KARAMOTTO” :



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