Last 2 day’s, I spend a couple off very cold hours rewiring my Larch named “XL”.  All the older branches were still in there place, even though it has not been wired last year!  So I hope that after this ongoing restyling I can repot it in to the pot that I bought for it a few days ago!  When they hopefully make a good combo  and after one more year of new growth added to the foliage pads, I plane to show it next year for the first time! So fingers crossed that all works out! And if not, there is always a next year! I will post the story of that repotting as soon as it’s don! I hope that tomorrow will be a bid warmer, I cant feel my fingers any more! 🙂

Below: Were possible, the thicker sized wire is applied directly from the roll. This way you have to use less power and you never will cut off to much or to little wire!

Thick wire is applied directly from the roll.


Hans van Meer.


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