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yesterday I took some pictures of one of my Juniperus communis Yamadori that I would like to share with you all.

07-09-2009 2 095 Hans van Meer

Above: This tree is a real problem child, design wise that is. (Yellow arrows) All live lines have died back and disappeared from this, it’s best front side!

 07-09-2009 2 085 Hans van Meer

Above: And styling it from this side is, because of the strange way the long base of the trunk grows backwards and the straight first part, realy difficult. But a styling possibility has come to me, but I will only know if it is possible to style it that way, when I repot the tree again in a few years time. This is why I like to work with virgin Yamadori material, they some times realy make me stretch my imagination to solve or incorporate there wonderful problems into a successful Bonsai. And if it all works out in the end, the tree will be much more interesting and unique, because of all the natural but odd features that were used in it’s design! There is so much beauty to be found in imperfection!

Below: And a picture of a small planting on a piece of petrified wood. Some 5 years ago I found, close to were I live, this plant covering the ground surrounding a small pond in the dunes near the sea side. I took a small cutting and planted it on this piece of deadwood, it has been growing happily since then and it is covering it completely. I dont know the name of this plant, but I do think it is a pretty combo!

07-09-2009 2 072 Hans van Meer


Hans van Meer.

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  1. Dave Martin says:

    The plant on the deadwood looks to me to be Leptinella potentilla. It is a ground cover plant.
    There are a number of varieties one being ‘Platts Black’ which is sold in England as an alpne. Another variety is L. repans which is very bright green with small leaves. Danny Uses has it planted near the entrance to his private collection.

    I admire your trees very much.

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