Note: You can find a earlier post from 2007 on this tree HERE.

Hi everybody,

here is the short version of the repotting story of my Mugo uncinata.

  30-8-2009 verpot dag 121 Hans van Meer

Above:  The tree had no roots what so ever to hold it up when I planted it in this plastic container, but luckily it had on bought sides two thick deadwood roots sticking out that I could use to secure it tightly to the rim of the pot! The one on the left side was removed a couple of years ago, leaving only the one on the right to hold the tree in place. Because a lot of roots were even showing trough the soil surface, I took a change to cut the one on the right and repot the tree into the Tokoname  pot that, until a few hours ago,  the “SWAN” used as a home.

              30-8-2009 verpot dag 129 Hans van Meer

                Above: Cutting the roots free from the side of the pot.

             30-8-2009 verpot dag 140 Hans van Meer

Above: Lifting the tree to one side to free it from the pot. Look at my anxious face! 🙂  

30-8-2009 verpot dag 143 Hans van Meer

I could not belief my luck! Look at the amount of new roots the tree had managed to produce out off noting! 

30-8-2009 verpot dag 145 Hans van Meer

Above: Close up of the only old root that this tree had when I repotted it the first time, all the others had been cut and sawed off by the ….. that collected it!

30-8-2009 verpot dag 167 Hans van Meer

  Above: Close up of the cut off remains of the one and only root this tree had when I repotted it the first time! It is so amazing that this tree survived and is doing so well!

             30-8-2009 verpot dag 148 Hans van Meer

  Above: Look how nice all these new roots have grow around that supporting block of wood in the middle.

             30-8-2009 verpot dag 150 Hans van Meer

 Above: Lifting it up to put it into it’s new pot had to be don realy carefully. All these roots you see here are realy young and thin, and there was a serious change that they could break off, when they were not enough supported by me!

30-8-2009 verpot dag 153 Hans van Meer

Above: I find it still amazing how many roots this old survivor has produced from nothing!

30-8-2009 verpot dag 154 Hans van Meer

  Above: This is how the tree produced all these new roots, they grow out off the bark that was covered under the soil line, amazing isn’t it?!

                30-8-2009 verpot dag 160 Hans van Meer

          Above: Working the soil in between the roots with a chopstick.

30-8-2009 verpot dag 166 Hans van Meer

   Above: Still working the soil in between the roots with a chopstick.


               30-8-2009 verpot dag 174 Hans van Meer

                   Above: Happy happy happy, happy happy happy! 🙂


30-8-2009 verpot dag 192 Hans van Meer

Above: Because the planting angle is changed so much, I had to reposition one of the main branches. I used a wood clamp to bring the thick branch into place, than I secured it with a wire to a other thick branch to hold it in place.


               30-8-2009 verpot dag 195 Hans van Meer

Above: I am realy pleased with how the tree looks for now. From now on it will only receive a lot of T.L.C!

Next year I will start working on the foliage and at the end of that same year I will start working on the deadwood and rewire the tree.

The longer version of this story will be posted soon on my Karamotto Bonsai site!

 It is a rear honor to work on such a miracle of mother nature, it makes me realise how lucky I am!

Hope you like this amazing tree just as much as I do?!


Hans van Meer.




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  1. Dannon says:

    WOW! That is one hell of a tree. I realy enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Justin (nitsuj) says:

    HI love the pics but could u post pics where if we clik on it we will bw able to see it larger?

  3. Tom Kruegl says:

    Awesome Hans, really awesome. I really like the new position.


  4. huy says:

    Hi Hans,
    A great result ,I`m following your website for years also these swan from the beginning. Master work.


  5. danny says:

    Hallo Hans

    Ik ben mijn meer aan het verdiepen in de bonsai wereld en zou graag een curces willen volgen geef je die ook??
    je heb hele mooie bonsai’s .
    je heb ook een hele mooie site mooie foto’s.

    groet danny kuijs.

  6. Tom Brown says:

    I’ll take two Hans ;o)

    Have watched this from the beginning. Not only is this an amazing piece of art…but is a testament to your artistic and technical skill. Well done!

    Cheers, Tom

  7. Thank you guys, for your nice words!
    Justin, sorry no. All my pictures I show are brought down to this size, that is also used for my website. This size means that they can be clearly seen with out having to open a picture every time.
    Danny, ik heb momenteel geen lessen gepland omdat ik op mijn rug operatie zit te wachten. Als dit allemaal goed afloopt begin ik weer met workshops, via mijn blog word dit dan bekent gemaakt.
    Thanks Tom, that means a lot to me!
    Hans van Meer.

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