Hi everybody,

I would like to show you a picture of my Chamacyparis obtusa “Nana Gracilis” in it’s new pot. I worked for many years to get this tree to were it is today and I am really happy with the way it looks. Hinoki’s dont grow enough to become a big tree, so it really is a imaginary tree. I styled it in a way it would resemble the growth of a tall fur tree that has been battered by mother nature for many years. I think the loose way the foliage grows on this plants is a real advantage in this style, it looks unforced and natural. The underside of this foliage has a almost blue-is color to it, wile the top side is brightly green with almost yellow tips trough out the summer. This gives a wonderful effect to the layers, like the colors and shades on a distant tree! This pot is so much better than the previous one, it gives the tree more height and stature. I hope you like the image and feel of this Bonsai?


 Hinoki Cypres.  Chamaecyparis obtusa “Nana Gracilis”

                        Height: 35 inch/89 cm.   Pot: China.


Hans van Meer.


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