Hi everybody,

Today I shot some pictures of one of my “Larch”trees. This is one of my first yamadori trees I ever designed and I am really fond of it. About 3 seasons ago, I almost lost this fragile tree. Some of it’s major branches were lost during a very hot Summer in a small pot! I kept those dead branches on, because, for now they are a part of this Bonsai history! After that season, I planted the weakened Bonsai into these beautiful, but to big, Brian Allbright pot, so it could recover from it’s ordeal. With a lot of love and care, I managed to nurture it in to the brightly green health, it show in this next picture. Even though it is only a small tree, this Bonsai shows great character and age after all these years of training it in a pot. I love the sense of almost dis balance in this tree and the feeling of depth the back branches evoke. I hope to plant it in a better pot next year. I’m so happy that this little Bonsai is healthy again! I hope you enjoy it’s color as much as I do?!


Hans van Meer.



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