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Today I had a good Bonsai day, In the afternoon I had a Pine workshop at my old Bonsai club “Randstad”. Were I met up with some of my old and new Bonsai students to have a Sunday of great Bonsai fun and camaraderie. But my morning before all this was well spent as well! From a old wooden bar stool, my father had given my some 30 years ago, I made a hard needed turning table, to hold my “EXTRA LARCH” in higher and there fore more workable position for me! WOW! … long sentence! 🙂 First I sawed off the back support and than, 2 sawed out wooden circles, 5 wheels and 1 long thick bolt and 4 nut’s and cheap later..I ended up with a very useful and cheap work table. As you can see in the second picture: Now I am finally able to see the tree from the proper height, and boy, that makes all the difference! Because I could not lift this tree any more, I had to work on it, wile it was standing to low for comfort. My viewpoint was, when I was styling it, the last time, from way to low! And now, finally seeing the tree from this proper height, I realise a lot need to be adjusted during the next styling. But, that is for next year! This year I will enjoy this tree as it is! And that is no punishment! 🙂

I was just finished before my student and old Bonsai friend , Michael De Ruiter, came to pick me up and bring me to the workshop. As planed, he kindly helped me to lift the “XL” on to its new home. Next season he will be repotted into a more suitable pot and than he can stand on the benches with his other friends. But now he is simply to heavy! 🙂 This old bar stool from my father, sits just fine and I should know! Believe me! 🙂


                            Simple, but effective! I hope! :)
                          Simple, but effective! I hope! 🙂


     That fits nicely, now I can make some decent pictures in the next couple of days.



Hans van Meer.


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