Hi everybody,

here are some pictures of the deadwood work I did this afternoon. This work was mostly aimed at removing as much rotted wood from the inside of the tree. And than treating the deadwood with lime sulfur. Enjoy the pictures!




Like sucking the eye out off a moose! Hi-hi!


Poking from the right entrance and removing from the middle one!


A very intimate view of the cave like inside of the “SWAN”.  Preventing this fragile section from further decay, will be my main worry in the future. As long as I can control that, the tree will outlive me by fare! 🙂


When I was cleaning the inside from the hole in the middle front, the wood dust disappeared from the right side exhaust pipe, like a genie from his lamp!


Although it is with pain in my heart, I do have to protect this deadwood every now and than In the future, to keep things under control. And after I had tasted , the lime sulfur I am applying here, several time on the deadwood of this pine, I discovered that this terrible pearly white deadwood will loose it’s unnatural glow very quickly. And I also have some Trix up my sleeve to hurry that proses a little bit more.


Happy… happy happy! Happy….. happy happy! 🙂

Hans van Meer.










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3 Responses to GROMING THE “SWAN”.

  1. Dannaon says:

    This tree looks great!!! Great work, what kind of pot are you thinking of for the future?

  2. Peter Evans says:

    O.K. Good work in cleaning out the rotten wood.

    Have you tried mixing “sumi” ink with the lime sulpher. it gives a nice grey finish.

  3. Hans van Meer says:

    Thanks Dannaon, well for one a mach smaller one, and a more brownish colored one. I will know when I see the right pot some were in the future. But I think one with out a rim, maybe with the rim folded to the inside. And I think more rounded and softer corners than the present pot!.

    Hi Peter,
    yes I have used it. But I use acrylic paint for the same purpose. But on this tree, I only did this on the shady and dark spots (inside). When you look at the picture were I pic the piece of rotten wood out from the middle hole. That deadwood in the middle off that picture,was treated a year ago, as a test, with plain lime sulfur, like I used now. AS you can see it looks pretty natural after a wile and I am not shore than grey colored lime sulfur would look that good. Like I said before, on pines, the bright white rubs off pretty easy and turns into more natural looking white. Or as they say: a paler shade of white! 🙂

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