Hi everybody,

here are some pictures I shot during the “NOELANDERS TROPHY X” last weekend.



The above picture of the wining tree, a Acer buergerianum by Udo Fischer from Germany, is courtesy of my friend Andy “stone monkey” Pearson.



Above: Although the current pot is to big, and will be replaced by a smaller one in the near future, I do feel that “BIG RON” looked pretty good during this show! This old Mugo Pine can only be repoted into a smaller and more suitable pot, when in the future there are enough new small roots. Than I can safely remove a bit more of the large root clump that is hidden under the ground! For now  “BIG RON” will be left alone for a few years to grow and mature, he deserves it! 🙂



Above: I was proud to finally be able to show my Chamaecyparis obtusa that I have worked on for so many years. Although it is a imaginary tree, Chama’s don’t grow into this style of tree or any kind of tree for that matter, I do feel that it’s image of a old and bettered tall spruce-fir like tree is believable. To take full advantage of the lovely fan like shape of this kind of foliage, I styled it not to strict . The wild foliage together with the many different shades of green, creates the feel and image of a tree in the distance. This tree has come a long way indeed!



Above: Resident photographer, W. Evenepoel hard at work to shoot a birds eye view picture for the commemorative book of this anniversary edition.




Above: 4 stupid Bonsai friends in Belgium. Left to right, Ed van der Reek, Me, Jeroen Huivenaar and last but not least a close up view of Rune Kyrdalen.






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  1. Andy "Stone Monkey" Pearson says:

    Hi Hans

    Thanks so much for the company on Saturday Evening at the dinner. Your trees were great and I loved the Chaemacyparis. Big Ron is a great tree, heavy too after lifting it with Tony, however I do agree with you about the size of the pot. A smaller one will definalty make Ron look even bigger.

    All the best mate and see you soon


  2. louis nel says:

    great Chaemacyparis, reminds me of trees on high ridge in the Himalayas between Ghorepani and Tadapani

  3. Hans van Meer says:

    Hi Any,
    you are always more than welcome at my table!:) It won’t get you any further in your Bonsai career, but we sure as hell have a lot of honest friendly fun! See you soon my friend!

  4. Hans van Meer says:

    Hi Louis,
    that is great to hear! I consider that a great compliment, because that’s what Bonsai is to me, evoking feelings and making the mind drift off to known or imaginary places! Thanks you and I am glad you enjoy the image of this tree! 🙂

  5. gankyo says:

    i think one off those gys above look ferry smart indeet

  6. Hans van Meer says:

    Thanks Jeroen, I know!:)

  7. Hans, beautiful work, beautiful trees! Thanks for publishing this!


  8. avicenna says:

    high, iam very interested in your new yew, posted in feburay, but i couldnt open it … is your pc already in heaven ? *g*

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