I shoot this picture with my mobile phone 2 days ago, during a winter storm. I drove up to the sea, to a place were I often spent time to do some soul surging. This place is were the sea meets the lighthouse, at the entrance of the old harbor in the small town were I live. Especially the sunsets in winter time are wonderful viewed from this magical place! I And although I was half frozen, I still manage to shoot over a hundred Photographs, so the battery of my cell most have been really low to cause this extreme colors, how else would you explain it? But they sure turned out pretty nice, with out any photo shopping by me!

So I used it to make this X-mas cart for all my Bonsai friends who visit my Bonsai blog, It is highly appreciated by me, believe me! My new website will be opened pretty soon as well, so that is exciting stuff as well for me! Merry X-mas and a very happy and healthy New Year to everybody!

Hans van Meer.


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  1. Hans

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year

    All the best and see you at Noelanders


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