My first styling job of this season: A “Pinus sylvestris” yamadori from Sweden.

Last week we had a spell of lovely weather, so although my back is making it hard to work for very long, I enjoyed every minute I worked on this old yamadori Sylvestris Pine!

I scanned a before and after photograph, they were shot during the demo I did on this same Pine in Denmark in May 2000, together with the rest of the “former “Tsunami” gang.


And here are some pictures I made of the styling work today.


Left picture: Because of my lower back problems I had to sit a lot during the wiring, something I normally never do. But he, the sun was shinning so who is complaining!

Right picture: Branches that took many years to grow, had to be sacrificed, to open up the dens foliage mass a bit more.


Left picture: for many years this tree had been, more or less, allowed to grow freely and received noting more than a sunny spot and a lot of T.L.C. During that time, my work was mostly focused on getting more and better ramification and foliage in the right places. Because of all this time consuming work, I was now able to cut of some badly placed thick branches and replace them with the better placed new branches with foliage closer to the trunk. Making the tree more compact, but less full.

Right picture: (here the tree is seen from the back) The frond branch (A) needed to be puled backwards considerably, but because I did not wanted to damage the old bark, I could not put heavy wire on it to do the job. So I needed to use a copper wire to pull the thick branch backwards, but there was no place were I could secure the copper wire to! The only place, with the right angle, to pool the branch back from, was the corner of the pot (C). But that meant that the beautiful old bark of the trunk would get damaged by the wire at point (B) and that should be avoided at all cost, even on the backside of the tree! So I placed a long piece of metal along the back side of the tree that only makes contact with the bark at point (D) and (E), but it protects the bark from damaging at point (B). Some times you have to be inventive, to be creative! 🙂

          Finished ( for now) front side, after 8 years of work. 

              Back side. Notice the “Komodo dragon on top”  🙂

Many more work needs to be don in the future to get the tree to were I want it to be, but for now I am pleased with the result. The tree received heavy doses of fertilizer in the later part off this growing season, to promote strong growth for next season. Most of the, than hopefully strongly grown new candles, will be removed next year to promote back budding, so the tree can fill out the new canopies I created during this styling session. Yet a other step in the live of this tree in its way to become a Bonsai.

Hans van Meer.

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  1. joao batista says:

    olá hans.

    através destes trabalhos tenho aprendido muito a respeito dos pinos.maravilhoso trabalho.abraços.

    joao batista .from brazil.

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