Hi everybody,

Last Wednesday I had the plasier to give a masterclass in Leersum (Holland).  Every year they organize 4 to 6 of these masterclasses led by sciled teachers like Mark Noelanders, Hotsumi Terakawa, Carlos van der Vaart and Teunis Jan Klein to name a few. During that evening they discus the trees that the club members brought along. In this way they almost get one on one answers or advice about training technique, styling advice and maintenance. I enjoyed my self that evening, although I lost my voice from talking, and I found this to be a great way to share my knowledge with the bonsai enthusiast that attended that evening! I thank them for their trust!

Here are some images that Hans Khoe shot during that evening, thanks you for that Hans!




Next stop: BURRS (UK)! YES!!!!

Hans van Meer.


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