Here are some pic’s of the guy’s (Eric Sanders and Ed van der Reek) at work on the trees they brought along.


ED (in front) and Eric hard at work. Before any real styling can be don the trees need to be cleaned out, so Ed is removing the old needles from his Pinus Sylvestris and Eric is thinning out and is removing unwanted foliage and small branches from his  Chamaecyparis.


After carefully checking out the right lower branch, Eric  had decided  it has to go and with out hesitation he cuts it of!


Ed wiring the hole tree, were the the main trunk had to be  bended severely, to  give it more movement and to make it more compact.  He protected the trunk, with in water soaked raffia rapped tightly around it. In picture 2: The lowest (right) section of this tree is already more or less in the desired place, now Ed can start styling the top section.


Double chin, MOI? No!           Picture 2: Looking better and better!


Pinus Sylvestris and Juniperus Sargantii  by Ed van der Reek. The Juniperus had it’s second (touch up) styling.

I’ll be back,

Hans van meer.

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