Saturday May 10.

Day 1:


Left picture: Tom’s “SHADY SIDE BONSAI” is so big that he  and Rich had to load Rich his large Yew on the back of a small tractor to bring it up the hill, to his outdoor working aria.

Right picture: Here I am discussing the possibilities of the lovely two trunk Yew Tom provided me with for my morning demo.


Left picture: Looking were to start.

Right picture: Although the weather was letting us a bid down, people were waiting with anticipation.


Left picture: First the tree was cleaned of all unwanted branches to get a better view of the frame of the tree.

Right picture: Because the base of the left trunk was to thick in comparison with the right trunk, the to large pies of deadwood  on the left trunk was reduced, to open up the empty space between the two trunks.


Left picture:  After most of that excess wood was reduced and the trunks looked better in balance with its other i was able to make my design for this mother and child Yew.

Right picture: This is the drawing of the design I came up with. I almost always make these sketches of my designs. It helps me to remember my first thought, like a blue print, before I start to think to much about thinks!   Because of the lake of time  and the health of the tree that should be protected at all times, most first styling  during these demo’s are a bid ruff and unfinished and don’t always show clearly what the end result of the future bonsai will be in a few years. These  drawings are  also  pretty handy  to show people what your future plans are with your tree! It makes explaining why I am using certain  techniques to get to a curtain point  a lot easier, if those people have a clear view of were I am working towards!



Sunday May 11.

Day 2.



THE STORY OF THE “H.O.G” (or, how Rich saw the light! Used it’s force and fell asleep).

You might ask: why is this story in a section of its own? Well because this is a story about courage, stubbornness, hesitation, overcoming to be rewarded! In short: creating a bonsai!

Everybody else walked past this enormous Yew, simply because it was to big! But no, not Richy! Even when everybody said, don’t Rich! it is to big, to heavy and to hard to collect, leave it! This only fired him up to do it any way. Rich is a bit stubborn some times and what he lakes in height, he easily makes up with courage! So he went for it! All alone and  for many hours! If you look at the next picture and compare the height of the  tree  to that of  the  shovel,  you can fully understand the enormous task he had to preform to get this monster Yew out!





The above picture is titled:   Yew in front of  its new home. Or: How Richy scared the neighbors!

Richy, (with the help of a water jet stream) managed to clean off all of the hardened old soil of the massive roots! But, by doing this, he created a   bid of a mud stream, that because of the sloping street, quickly grew into a all engulfing mudslide! Twiggels, the cat from Misses Brown, from down the street, is still missing! And even furter downtown, many a toilet got clocked up for weeks!

 Saturday, day one. THE PRELUDE.


Left picture: All geared up for the task ahead! MMMMM!

Right picture: Richy concentrated at work on the massive deadwood sections.




Every now and than  I jumped in to do a bid!







                                                      THE “H.O.G” SQUAT

More pictures cant be found on this next link to “SHADY SIDE BONSAI” .







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  1. Peter Evans says:

    Looks like you needed a hand. Just ask next time, he,he.

    envious .

  2. Dan Boire says:

    Did you collect and style the material at the same time?

  3. Dan Boire says:

    The juniper at the end that is

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