This  magnificent statue stood in the entrance of Donna’s studio to greet us.



Above left picture: The original molt of the famous John Naka bust she made.  

Right picture: And a large poster of a stunning Murial, also from here talented hands.



Above left picture: One of the several live size bronze cattle, Donna made for the “Red Bird” range.

Right  picture: Discussing the possibility of this large yamadori Boxwood that Trent brought along.



Above picture: Working on the deadwood of Donna’s Kidney wood.



Above left picture: Donna and Terry listening to me babbling!  The great thing about these workshops  is, that all people can join in, to hear a explanation!

Right  picture: Irene’s “Hubby” Terry brought a Juniperus chinensis along to work on.











Above left picture: We had a great lunch in the famous “PIG STAND” restaurant. This place serves good food since 1921. Their onion rings were as big as tiara’s! MMMMM!!!!

Right picture: Trend’s “Buxwood”.



Above right picture: I took this picture, right after I collapsed, tired and warm, on the steps leading into  Irene’s house. The only place around with some shadow! I was so glad to take a load off and get a breather and some cold water in to me!  But  immediately after the first  small refreshing drink I took I looked down,  alarmed as I was,  by  that  small warning bell in my head, that got stuck for ever  in the back of  our mind,   since some  guy with thick eyebrows, saw his confused grandfather trying to path a innocent looking “Sabre tooth on the head”!  Suddenly, there in front of me,  out of nowhere, sat  “BRUN” (short for “BRUNO”),  the over sized alpha male of the “Irene’s cat clan”  who is  well known  to tackle deer and wrestling moose! Which, he than often leaves on Irene’s and Terry’s front porch as a token off his affection for them!  “BRUN”  is  contemplating here, with out blinking, if he would eat me, or just play with me a bit…before eating me any way!  

But to be honest, after I told “BRUN”  in a soft voice and avoiding any sudden movements, that  I was good people, and to tired to move anyway! He gave me some gentle pussy cat head buds on my knees, that rattled  the teeth in my mouth!  So I  thought it would be safe to give  him a nice scratch behind  his battered  ears. Not to long though! I found out that disturbing pictures of Sigfried and Roy, do seem to pop up into once mind,  during these pressure moments! Than “BRUN” curled up beside me on the  foot board and started to wash himself. I thanked him for  the use of  his afternoon shadow spot  and took a other drink. “BRUN” was right,  this was a cool spot to hang out! And there was more than enough room for the both of use!

Hans van Meer.



Donna L. Dobberfuhl, MFA, NSS

Sculptural Designs Atelier

1514 Broadway

San Antonio TX 78215

(210) 224-0220

(210) 326-0862


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  1. irene_b says:

    Bruno is really looking you over in that pic!


  2. Donna D. says:

    Hi Hans, very nice of you to put some pics on of the studio.

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