HI everybody,

last week we had a spell of unusual warm and sunny weather over here, so I decided it was about time to do my first major styling I have planed for several of my trees for this year. The large yamadori “Larch” in this story was ready for its second branch structure styling. Check out: The “Larch”  project Part 1, about the collecting and first styling of this tree, you can find  it on my “KARAMOTTO” website: www.karamotto.org   select “BONSAI STORIES” than select ”  A LARCH STORY”. Go have a look if you like!  

I really took my time, working on this tree. Enjoying every minute of that relaxed and zone like feeling that comes over me when I’m guiding the trees branches as closely, as safely is posible, to their envisioned future shape. Overcoming or incorporating little problems ,that I came across while working, with out giving it much real thoughts. Some times things just fall together when I am working on a old tree like this one, when instinct takes over, with the sun in your face….MMMMMM!

Remember it is only the second structure styling, the top will fill out and thicken quickly in the next couple of years and there is about a Inch more trunk hidden behind the rime of that plastic container, as you can see in one of the pictures! In real live the tree is taller and the base is wider and the whole tree is looking more balanced.

First picture is taken when I just started to work.

In a few months, after all the Spring work is don, I will start working on the deadwood.

I hope you enjoy this little story,

Hans van Meer.

















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2 Responses to A “LARCH ” PROJECT PART 2.

  1. mauro says:

    Ciao Hans.

    I like the fine work on this larch !!!!!! 🙂

    why not cosidering to made the apex in the point where start the tenjin?

    Hi Mauro,

    I know exactly what you mean! I have thought about it a lot a few days later after I had finished the first styling! Why did I make this extra high top part instate of making a new apex closer to the original trunk line. Well after a hard thinking and some beer and a barbeque or 2 , I came to the conclusion that this extra top part I had created gives the tree more height and enhances the movement, with some nice empty spaces in between the extra branches in the top and trunk. Like you can often see on a old Larch high up in the mountains. And I do feel that it will look more elegant this way in the future. The new top part will thicken quit fast the next couple of years, because I will let two sacrifice branches grow freely in the top part. Mauro I have only listen to my feelings when I styled this one, I hope they were right? LOL.

    Thanks for your input my friend!



  2. mauro says:

    thank’s a lot for explanation !!! I always like to understand differents ways to stile a tree 🙂

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