Marry X-MAS and a very happy New Year!

Dear Bonsai friends,

thank you all for visiting  my Blog so often. I am honored by your interest in my work and  it inspires me to go on in the direction I have chosen for my Bonsai. I have high hopes for 2008,   I am  already asked to do workshops and demo’s in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, England  and a long visit to the USA in May is in the making!  To do so much traveling to  show what I like to do so much, is like a dream come true!  To  see so many new countries and places  to meet many new Bonsai friends….I can hardly wait for the New Year to begin! And, only  in just a few weeks, it is off to Belgium for the annual Noellanders Trophy. I will be showing 3 Bonsai in the show  and more important will have 2 days of   fun with all my Bonsai mates that  come every year to  this very friendly event,  from every corner off  Europe!

 And some of my Yamadori are up for there second and third styling, so that is exciting to for me. I will take  lots of pictures  and post them first here on my blog as soon as possible! You are welcome any time here to visit my blog or my (soon improved) Website   , were you can find lots of pictures of my Bonsai and progressive picture stories of my Bonsai.  

Thanks for visiting, it is highly appreciated!

Hans van Meer.


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  1. king kong says:

    Keep up the good work Hans…Nice gymnosperms!

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