I Must admit that Irene mailed here pictures a will ago, but I have been very busy and to be honest there is not that much to do on here “Yew” except for some branch shortening. As you can see in the pictures, Irene’s tree is very healthy and has plenty new growth. So now it is safe to shorten the to long and to thick branches, that are of no use  in any future design. Try to do this half a Inch above a healthy side shoot. You can cut the thick branch  (in the third picture) just above the “Yellow” line. Seal the wound with  “cut paste”. This will promote a lot of new growth along those cut branches and hopefully lower down the now bare branches. We just need to have a bit more foliage, for me to choose the best design for this “Yew” , this means that we have  to start practising the most important task in bonsai…..being patience! I have made some red lines on the pictures for help. If there is enough foliage next season we  might start a first styling. Time and Irene’s good care will tell!


100_0952-2-a.jpg       100_0953-2-a.jpg       100_0954-2-a.jpg

                                    100_0956-2-a.jpg       100_0957-2-a.jpg

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