Hi everybody,

I would like to share a picture with you I shot this afternoon of my old “Mugo Uncinata”.

In 2001 my wife and I traveled all the way to Switzerland to buy this and a other Pine Yamadori from a well known bonsai pro. After a few months in the growing season, the Pine still did not show any signs of growth! So I decided to check out the condition of the roots. I did not liked the soil it was planted in after it was collected, it was some sort of grey gravel that stayed wet far to long and was really compressed. Carefully digging for some roots, my wurst fears came true! There were no roots what so ever to find! Only a small peas of tap root (4/5 inches) covered in clay was all that was left on the tree, all the other roots were simply cut off with a saw. You got to love those provisional collectors, don’t you?!

Broken hearted I re potted the tree into my own soil recipe and placed the tree in a protected spot in my garden, were I could monitor everything from Sunlight to water! And than I waited and hoped!

Well to make a long story even longer….this amazing old survivor recovered and today is thriving. It is still secured to the pot with its deadwood on the right, to support it until the whole pot is full with roots! Than this deadwood will be shortened up to the red line. Than the root base will measure 56 CM/22 INCH. With the length of this Pine being 58CM/23 INCH this is very impressive! There is only one live line on the left of the tree alive, twirling around the back of the tree, coming back into sight on the right of the tree, feeding the only branch left on it. From this branch I created the whole image of this pre bonsai. A few years ago I cut of a old branch from the left part of the root base. I grind ed the wood with fine sandpaper, so I could count the year rings. I could not count them all because they were simply to thin! But the once I could count, went way over the 300 years mark! Last year I removed pieces of dead wood from the back and top and did the same, and was really amazed to count way more than 400 rings! This might just be one of the oldest living trees in Holland! And still it managed to survive with out any roots for all that time!

I still have a long way to go with this amazing piece of history, but I’m not complaining!

I hope you like it so far?


Hans van Meer.


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  1. Irene_B says:

    I would not cut that old root off but perhaps do some long carving on it, which you are very good at!


  2. Sally-Anne Plugge says:

    Good morning Hans,

    I have been looking over your website for the last 2 hours, reading and trying to absorb all the wonderful things you have been doing with your trees. I would love to be able to do this but do not have green fingers at all. Do you do bonsai classes also in Holland or just demo’s in other countries? I work 5 days a week so only have weekends for learning new things or would have to take leave to do a course. Please would you be so kind as to email me on my personal email so that I can find out more information or tell me where to physically learn more about bonsai’s.


    Thanks so much, Sally-Anne Plugge

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