Irene removed the branch I recommended and mailed the Pictures from the angle I asked for.                                   (see pictures below)

100_9350-1.jpg     100_9351-1.jpg     100_9352-1.jpg

100_9353-1.jpg   100_9355-1.jpg   100_9356-1.jpg

OK, for now  lets use this side as the front.

From this side the to large root is on the backside and will be (after some reduction), not so much in your face “any more. The placement of the main branches show possibility’s from this side and there is a nice see trough between them, to see the back branches. Creating dept to this broom like tree.

I  think that Irene likes here bonsai to look natural, so I will discuss that option first.

If you look at pictures of old Yews in the wild in Europe, you will see that the most often grow in a almost deciduous tree looking broom style.

yew.jpg     yew-4.jpg     yew-8.jpg

And often with stunning deadwood on there massive trunks.

yew-6.jpg     yew-9.jpg     yew-11.jpg

This next perfect drawing of a English yew, by a unknown artist,  next to the perfect example of a old and free growing broom-style Yew.  Shoot by my wife nearby the town of Santander, North Spain.

Look at the amazing small life lines on this bettered old survivor.

yew-3.gif         santander-2006-063-kl.jpg

Looking at this fine drawing and picture; I believe that this natural broom style is a  logical and possible option for Irene’s Yew!

Here Tree has the typical straight  trunk, that  splits up at a curtain height into several  trunks that grow almost straight up, just like in the drawing.

In the drawing U can also clearly see the long and thin branches that grow from these multiple trunks.  In there search for light, they  bend down under there own weight and length, creating the broom like appearance.  To create this on Irene’s Yew, we must first stimulate the the tree into  new growth lower on the trunks. But that’s for later. First lets look at  one of the possibilities I see to create Irene’s  tree into a believable broom style bonsai. Using Irene’s last picture (see below),I made a drawing. I only just the outlines  of the bare trunk to show you what could be don to create this style.

100_9351-1.jpg     yew-drawing-1-kl.jpg     yew-drawing-2-kl.jpg

In the first drawing (dotted line), you can see were the two thick branches were cut and made into a Jin and Shari. This point depends  of course  on were the new growth will appear, but this is only a example of   how I think when looking at a tree and what I might do to  style it. I drawn the tree with more or  less (not to good I must admit) bonsai like foliage layers, so you might get a idea of how it could look as a bonsai. In the real live bonsai, the foliage layers  would be closser  together and heavier than in  my drawing. But it is just to show you that this tree in this style, could be nice and believable as bonsai. And even more important, doable.

I’l Be back with more soon!


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  1. Irene_B says:

    Oh Hans I am liking this alot!

    It is hard for me to not see what you create!

    And you draw much better than I! LOL


  2. Irene_B says:

    I am starting to get excited about this tree and what you are seeing!

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