Hi, everybody, 

Last weekend I did some more refinement work on one of my Yews in preparation for the Ginkgo Award.

Picture 1: Shows the small Shohin Yew before I worked on the ground coverage.

Picture 2: Shows the tree after different fresh mosses were added.

Picture 3: Shows that the second branches on both sides are growing from the same height on the trunk. The branch on the left side was always meant to be removed but was left on the tree to fill the big empty space between the bottom left branch and the top until the branch right above it would have grown enough in length to replace it. Especially on a bonsai this size these obvious folds are an eyesore and should be avoided or solved before you enter the bonsai in any show.

Picture 4: Here the branch is already removed and a small jin is left as a reminder. The branch above the one that is removed is brought down to more or less replace it.


augustus-225-web.jpg          augustus-228-web.jpg        

augustus-269-web.jpg            augustus-285-web.jpg


Hans van Meer.



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  1. Irene_B says:

    Looks fantastic Hans!


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