A close up picture of my old Mugo Pine  “Big Ron”.


Welcome to my bonsai blog!

Here I will keep you updated with my bonsai work, my yamadori trips, my demo’s and workshop and everything else that has something to do with bonsai I come across!    

Have fun,

Hans van Meer.  

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com     


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  1. Irene_B says:

    Fantastic work Hans!

  2. mauro says:

    congrats for your blog Hans!!!!! 😉

  3. Martin Sweeney says:


    Very nice begining on your blog! I look forward to what August brings.



  4. JOSE ANTONIO says:

    Good work ant good article about pinus. I want to ask your permission to translate to Spanish and publish his article on the Web http://www.bonsaiglobal.com. Please, tell it to my mail. Thanks.

  5. Jeff Carr says:

    Hans, can you please contact me about the possibility of visiting my nursery in 2009. I am working on my schedule and like your work and would like to book you in your coming on this side of the big lake…


    Staselwood Bonsai

  6. Lennard says:

    Very nice blog Hans- Im glad I’ve found it.

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