This is a other Dutch “Hawthorn” Yamadori I collected near the coast line, close to were I live. I collected it because it had a nice root base and a nice gentle curve in the lower part of the trunk. So I had to cut down the tree considerably to get to the, more or less, correct height in comparison to the thickness and style of the tree. There was not one single branch left on the tree, when I was finished. Even my wife tooled me, I over did it this time! NOT! HIHI! Next season I had plenty long shoots to select my future branches and top from. I wired the branches in there new position and made a new top, in such a way that there would be more taper, in a way the new top would compliment the large wound that was left after the trunk chop! This wound was connected with the natural Shari that runs down the right top side of the tree. This new top grew so hard that it became to strong, long and thick, so last year I cut off the new top, just above a strong side shoot. I than raised this shoot with wire and created a new top with it. I hollowed out the wound I was left with extra deep, only leaving a ring of bark with cambium. This wall of bark is cut on the NORTH and the SOUTH with a V cut! Now you can fold the 2 bark flab’s together. With a scalpel I will cut away just enough, so they will fit as best as possible! Than the complete wound was covered with sealing paste and than a piece of plastic was used to hold the two part firmly into place. I have tried this technique many times before and it those not always work as good on all species. But what can I lose? I would have been left with a large scare any way! But it works? I would be left with a natural looking smaller wound! But that is for the future! First some wiring and than repotting this tree.

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